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1980 HM Vehicles Free-Way

1980 HM Vehicles Free-Way


This 1980 HM Vehicles Free-Way is one of approximately 700 high-efficiency three-wheelers built in Minnesota over the model’s three-year production run. Power is provided by a 16 horsepower single cylinder engine backed by a snowmobile-style CVT transmission and a chain final drive. The car features a tubular steel chassis with n red dyed fiberglass body, three gallon fuel tank, three wheel independent suspension, and seating for one.

The Free-Way was offered in three colors, all molded in to the fiberglass bodywork. The car is equipped with a single door on the left side, and the rear window is hinged for access to the rear cargo area. The car is equipped with three-wheel independent suspension and a smooth undertray for improved aerodynamics. Factory lighting, including a rectangular sealed beam headlights, underslung turn signals, taillight, and side markers are present.

The cabin features a single seat with a three-point seatbelt, black carpeting, and a three-spoke steering wheel with exposed steering linkages visible under the dash. Instrumentation includes an 80 mph speedometer, voltage gauge, temperature gauge, and fuel gauge.

Four engines were available for the Free-Way, including a diesel, an electric motor, and two gasoline engines. This particular Free-Way is equipped with the more powerful 16 horsepower engine with a CVT transmission and chain final drive, which has advertised fuel economy was between 60 and 70 mpg.

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