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1959 Autobianchi Bianchina First Series Transformabile Coupé

1959 Autobianchi Bianchina First Series Transformabile Coupé


While Bianchi is best known today as one of the oldest and most prestigious names in cycling, the company founded by Edoardo Bianchi was once quite diverse, producing arguably the world's finest racing motorcycles, and building its first automobile in 1900.

In 1957 Bianchi partnered with FIAT and Pirelli to form Autobianchi. Production commenced at a new purpose-built factory in Desio, with Autobianchi's debut model being the FIAT 500-based Bianchina, named after Edoardo Bianchi's first ever automobile.

The Bianchina debuted as the Transformabile coupé with a full-length folding sunroof. Positioned up-market from the FIAT 500, which had been conceived as basic motorized transportation for the impecunious masses, the Bianchina was marketed as a 'second car' or luxurious 'recreational vehicle'. Appealing strongly to affluent middle-class ladies, it reflected Italian society's increasing prosperity. In 1960 the newly introduced and more powerful FIAT 500D engine became standard equipment on the Bianchina range.

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