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1952 Allard K2 Roadster

1952 Allard K2 Roadster


The Allard’s meteoric success on race circuits of the early 1950s belies its humble beginnings as the pipe dream of race car driver Sydney Allard, whose creations utilized his significant ingenuity and American V-8 engines to compete at the highest level of motor sports.

The K2 model was an evolution of the K1, and was produced from 1949 to 1952, intended for clients looking for performance on the road or track. The new “Touring Roadster” sat on a 106″ wheelbase and featured upgraded front suspension with coil springs and enlarged fenders. It maintained its slender extended bonnet, which housed various V-8 engines from Ford/Mercury, Chrysler, and Cadillac. According to The Allard Register, only 117 examples of the K2 were built.

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