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1955 Sunbeam-Talbot Alpine Mark III

1955 Sunbeam-Talbot Alpine Mark III


One of the many automotive companies under the Rootes Group ownership in the 1950s was Sunbeam-Talbot. Venturing into sports models, the sprightly Alpine was introduced in 1953 and was soon seen in rallies, with drivers such as Stirling Moss and John Fitch. An Alpine was also featured in Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief, driven by Grace Kelly as she was courted by Cary Grant.

This Alpine Mark III was acquired by the consignor in 2007 from a collector in California, and a cost-no-object restoration soon commenced. The results of thousands of hours of effort are simply spectacular and are readily apparent in the Sunbeam-Talbot’s laser-straight panels, excellent chrome, and impeccably trimmed leather interior. As the owner has long been a fan of the Alpine’s design, which was styled by famed industrial designer Raymond Loewy, carrying out the restoration was a true labor of love, and myriad details, both seen and unseen, were addressed by Lou Spoto Restorations to concours standards. He also chose to upgrade the Alpine’s engine to the special, higher-compression version with enlarged valves, which is rated at 97.5 hp, over the standard 80 hp unit.

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