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1937 Packard Twelve 1507 Formal Sedan

1937 Packard Twelve 1507 Formal Sedan


Packard's top models set the standard for the American luxury car industry, and the Twelve is considered to be not only one of the marque's finest automobiles but one of the most significant creations of the Classic Era. It was produced from 1932 to 1939, and over 3,500 examples were sold. The year 1937 was the most successful one for Packard, with over 1,300 V12 cars sold, not to mention other models. Several changes were made that year, including the use of independent front suspension and hydraulic brakes, which made the 1937 Twelves some of the best road-going cars. Only a handful received custom coachwork by such greats as LeBaron and Dietrich; most Packard Twelves received factory bodies, as seen on this 1507 Club Sedan.

• Bought new by famed actor and comedian Jack Benny
• Older comprehensive restoration by Hill & Vaughn out of Santa Monica, California
• Ordered new through Earl C. Anthony’s Los Angeles dealership
• Packard’s mighty 12-cylinder engine

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