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1934 Brewster-Ford Town Car

1934 Brewster-Ford Town Car


In the mid 1920s Rolls Royce of America purchased the oldest and most prestigious American coachbuilder, Brewster & Company, to build all Rolls' bodies. In 1933 the Depression forced Rolls to shut down production, but J.S. Inskip, the president of Brewster, in order to keep his artisans employed, ordered 135. Ford chassis stretched them to 127" and clothed them in hand-formed aluminum coachwork. He designed the attention-getting front-end ensemble and marketed his new Brewster as "the newest and smartest little town car" for only $3500 (less than half the cost of a Rolls Royce-. but almost ten times the cost of a new Ford).

Brewster automobiles ceased production in 1936.

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